House call vet, mobile vet, veterinary.


 Mobile/house-call veterinarian in Ridgway, Ouray and Montrose, CO. Veterinary care including vaccines,  pain management, at home euthanasia, blood-work, heartworm tests and biopsies. 

About Us

Compassionate Care


I'm not your usual vet.  

I come to you. Your pet is not freaked out by a car ride and the presence of 18 other animals in the waiting room. 

Better for your pet.



 I don't have staff running interference between you and me.

 I don't have big overhead, I don't manhandle your animal, and I don't try to sell you stuff. 

Better for you.

It's about Quality


 My goal is to give your pet the best quality of life. 

Not the longest life, not the most advanced technological medical services -- the best QUALITY of life. It's a better way

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