This vet makes housecalls!

At Home Euthanasia


There is nothing harder

This is the final gift you give to your animal. The ability to die with dignity and without pain. 

Stress-free and Intimate

At home, without distractions.

First, profound sedation

I do not place catheters or dig for veins. A single injection under the skin sends your loved one to a deep, profound level of sedation.

Then, the transition

Finally, when you're ready, a second injection -- again, no veins or catheters, and your friends passes to the next life. 

Cremation Services

If you prefer cremation over burial, I can take your pet's remains with me and deliver them to the crematorium, pick them up when they are ready, and bring them back to you 

Pricing for Euthanasia and Cremation

Euthanasia with Profound Sedation  Cats and Dogs: $125.00 plus housecall fee

Euthanasia with profound sedation Equine:  $200


Public with no return of ashes: Cats and Dogs $100

Private with return of individual ashes: Cats $150, Small Dog $200, Large dog $275.00.